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The official blog for the ultimate soothing foot treatment - the PediSpin
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Pedispin | The Official Blog /* */ #site-title, #site-description PediSpin The official PediSpin blog The Pedi Spin Keeps Feet Beautiful Erase Calluses with the PediSpin Get Salon Results at Home with the PediSpin Get Rid of Calluses with the PediSpin The Pedi Spin: A Pedicure in Your Own Home The Pedi-Spin Helps Keep Feet Beautiful The PediSpin Defeats Difficult Callouses PediSpin is Mom Approved The PediSpin – An Alternative to Expensive Salons PediSpin Reviewer Discovers Soft Feet

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The Pedi Spin was recently reviewed on Changing Direction. Sarmora, author of the blog, found the Pedi Spin while she was out shopping and couldn’t wait to try it out. Sarmora loves getting pedicures but always wished there was something that would help maintain smooth feet in between salon visits; it turns out the Pedi Spin was the product she has been looking for. “I am pleasantly surprised at how WELL it works,” she said.

To read the full review of the Pedi Spin, check out Changing Direction.

Sandra, from As Seen On TV Web Store Blog, recently posted a review of the PediSpin. As a former dancer, Sandra knows the pains of foot maintenance and will try anything that claims to make getting rid of calluses easier. She had been using the Ped Egg but was extremely excited to try the PediSpin since it was motor operated, which means less work! Sandra loved that the PediSpin was able to easily smooth her feet and leave them looking beautifully polished. “The Stainless Steel Micro Files are powerful enough to take off dry, rough patches and calluses yet it’s gentle enough to be used on delicate skin. Super easy to use!” she said.

To read the full review of the PediSpin, check out As Seen On TV Web Store Blog.

A review of the PediSpin was recently featured on As Seen on TV Promoters. With the economy being in such a bad recession, a lot of people are looking for a cheaper alternative to weekly salon visits for pedicures, which is where the PediSpin can come in handy. According to this review, the PediSpin is an excellent tool for maintaining a fresh, smooth pedicure feel. “There are a few home pedicure kits that claim to do what Pedi Spin As Seen On TV does but very few actually get rid of the tough calluses on your feet and give you smooth, silky heels and feet,” they said.

To read the full review of the PediSpin, check out As Seen On TV Promoters.

The PediSpin was recently reviewed by Katie from Epic Reviews. She was excited to try the PediSpin because she had loved the PedEgg and this seemed like an even better product. Katie thought this product worked great and kept her feet smooth and beautiful. If you have really rough skin, it may take some effort to get rid of all the calluses. “I would suggest using the Pedi Spin for a about 10 minutes twice a day or so rather than expecting the Pedi Spin to produce smooth skin the first time you use it,” she said.

A product review of the Pedi Spin was recently featured on Makeup Alley. The author found the Pedi Spin to be a revolutionary pedicure tool. She notes that the Pedi Spin will not spin if you apply too much pressure, but that is only to ensure the user does not get a friction burn. She enjoys using the finishing head because she feels if giver her feet a smoother feeling. The Pedi Spin makes it easy to have perfectly manicured feet in the convenience of your own home. “[I] seriously don’t know how I lived before I had it. Wait, yes I do- I sweated over manually buffing, and it was a pain. Actually, this tool makes a Pedi fun and it’s mesmerizing and addicting to use. My feet are extremely smooth,” she said.

To read the full review of the Pedi Spin, check out Makeup Alley.

The Pedi-Spin was recently reviewed on xoJane by Alison. Her article discussed the rising trend of ankle bracelets and toe rings, which of course draw attention to feet. If all this attention is being brought to dry, cracked feet, it can be a little embarrassing, but not with the Pedi-Spin. Alison thinks the best way to use it is “to use it every night after getting a professional pedicure, it keeps the rough spots down to a dull roar,” she said.

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